Based upon the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Cambridge (UK) and Nanjing University (China), the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge and the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University, jointly launch the Cambridge University - Nanjing University Research Platform on Architecture and Urbanism to develop collaborative research and teaching activities in the field of architecture, urban planning and design, and sustainable development. The Research Platform was funded by the Scheme of the Advance Platforms for International Cooperation of Nanjing University.

The Research Platform intends to conduct practical, innovative and multidisciplinary research on contemporary architecture and urbanism and focuses on three main research areas:

Digital Urbanism: the use of new digital technology and digital media in observing, mapping, analyzing and visualizing urban environment and urban conditions. It will synthesize quantitative and qualitative measures to conduct medium- and micro-scale descriptive studies on urban environment, and through practical research works, propose innovative research methods on architecture and urbanism.

Sustainable Urbanism: research-based architectural study towards a low-tech approach to the issue of urban sustainability, i.e. by re-investigating and re-studying, on an urban scale, the existing materials, techniques, spatial forms, as well as design process, building life-cycle, passive energy-saving, and various human factors, to generate new design ideas and methods. Its main research areas including the reuse of materials, mixed-use development, adaptable design, walkable communities, urban agriculture, urban regeneration, and urban form and pattern.

Housing Urbanism: comprehensive, forward-looking study on the issue of sustainable housing. Special concerns will be paid to the aspects of adaptability, passive energy-saving, and the regional and social dimensions of housing sustainability. Research areas including affordable housing, flexible housing, autonomous housing and mixed-use development.

International Network
School of Architecture, University of Liverpool
Richard Koeck

Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong
Eric Schuldenfrei

Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology
Arie Graafland

Institute of Culture Technique, Humboldt University
Wolfgang Schaffner

Director: Francois Penz (Cambridge), Professor

Koen Steemers (Cambridge), Professor

Nicholas Ray (Cambridge), Emeritus Reader

Marco Iuliano (Cambridge), Senior Research Associate

Pingping Dou (Cambridge)

Amir Soltani (Cambridge)

Joint-Director: Wowo Ding (Nanjing), Professor

Andong Lu (Cambridge), Professor

Jingxiang Zhang (Nanjing), Professor

Heng Hu (Nanjing), Assoc. Professor

Hongyan Xiao (Nanjing), Assoc. Professor