For all the briefs – Expressive Space, City Sinfonietta etc. – the students had to identify a suitable narrative device to be expressed through cinematography, editing, lighting, soundscape and music. Invariably a composer joined the group for a day and composed music for each movie. Very often we collaborated with graduates from the Music Faculty but we were also fortunate to work regularly with professional composers, Stephen Daltry, Kariina Gretere, Andrew Lovett and Daryl Runswick in particular.
Cambridge in Concrete was a small exhibition held in the Department of Architecture in Spring 2012. It presented architectural photographs of the modern movement in Cambridge shot in the 50s and 60s, currently held in the Royal Institute of British Architects photographic collection. The aim of the exhibition was to stimulate the debate regarding a controversial period of architecture where many modern and brutalist buildings were built in Cambridge in the 50s, 60s and 70s. It turned out that six modern buildings were represented in our archive and this makes another theme to be explored here, six Cambridge Movies in Concrete.
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Movie Guide to World Cities
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Original Musics Composed for Our Movies
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Secret Gardens of Cambridge
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Cambridge Ghost Story

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Cambridge Movies in Concrete

Cinematic Mapping of Cambridge was funded by the Isaac Newton Trust
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