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nm2: new millennium, new media <visit nm2 website>

Four experimental interactive productions, Gods in the Sky Choice, Cambridge City Symphony, Gormenghast Explore and RuneCast, were researched, developed and produced at DIGIS as pilot demonstrators for interactive production and delivery software developed in the Integrated Project, New Millennium/New Media (NM2), partially funded by the European 6th Framework Programme (Information Society Technologies: Cross-media content for leisure and entertainment). The prototypes were made for delivery over broadband to platforms from the big screen through interactive TV and entertainment centres to handheld devices.

Cambridge International Film Festival, 2007: ‘The Festival is delighted to premiere such high quality, original interactive work.’ (Tony Jones, Festival Director). ‘Very exciting - great potential for a user-based approach to cinema, TV and entertainment-based learning’ ‘Great approach to storytelling - the market craves such engaging new offerings.’

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