(Writer/Director/Producer/Interaction Designer: Maureen Thomas; Editor/Assistant Interactive Designer & Director: Ludvig Lohse; Interactive Programming: Günther Heinrich; Research Assistant: Phillip Prager; Heithur/Vala played by Helen McGregor; Original music composed, performed and produced by Kariina Gretere; 3D Artist and Additional Graphics: Marianne Selsjord; Video, Animation and Trackmatte/Graphic Artist: Brian Ashbee)

RuneCast is a narrative game of chance, where fortune-telling offers visitors their own personal entrance to the authentic mythworld of the Vikings, enabling them, through original music, video, song and story, to become the heroes of their own tales. Real-time layering, oral-storytelling and musical structures and techniques combined with chance operations make every visit unique.

‘Powerful and effective … works well both on the big and small screen of the portable device.’ 'Realises dreams of a fusion between computer and art - I have never seen anything like it … truly engaging.'‘Highly original - points the way forward in interactive narrative.’

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