Gormenghast Explore

(Executive Producer/Interactive Dramaturge: Maureen Thomas; Research Assistant: Phillip Prager; Music Preparation: Kariina Gretere Supervising Producer/ Interaction & Interface Designer: Ludvig Lohse; Producer/ Interaction & Interface Designer/ Editor: Julia Sussner)

Gormenghast Explore is an interactive, spatially-organised dramatisation of BBC TV's ‘Gormenghast’ (from Mervyn Peake's novels) which develops a completely new interactive media content format. Visitors explore the 3D environment of Gormenghast Castle to trigger the video movie stories of the characters who inhabit it, freshly reconfigured in real time at every visit.

'Goes beyond the highly interactive gaming environment on the one hand and lineally presented drama on the other… The spatial organisation of the narrative is a leap forward from interactive projects on the Web and TV which use page-based metaphors.’

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