Dr Simone Shu-Yeng Chung

Originally trained as an architect, I hold a Bachelor (Hons) and post-graduate Diploma in Architecture from London, and practiced as an architect before deciding to pursue further studies. In the interim, I also spent a year in Italy as the Rome Scholar for Architecture and Urbanism. My current doctoral research, sponsored by the AHRC Block Grant Scholarship, builds on two different yet complementary postgraduate taught masters' courses, a MSc. Advanced Architectural Studies completed under the AHRC Professional Preparation Masters Award and an MPhil. Screen Media and Cultures. It confronts the issue of spatial translatability and discusses this within the context of transcultural exchanges in the global age. By adopting a specifically spatial approach, the emphasis on social relations relates to an anthropocentric feature prevalent in oriental culture thereby narrowing the focus of my study to an East Asian understanding of spatial concepts. Subjective experience is sustained through the individual's negotiation around the lived environment, a phenomenological approach similarly utilized in films to engage audience in the embodied and enworlded space of film that operates as an effective tool for contextualizing the effects of localized transformations.