Micah Trippe

I hold a B.A. in History of Art from Occidental College, Los Angeles, and an MPhil in Screen Media and Cultures from Cambridge. Before undertaking graduate studies, I worked as a research assistant in several architecture firms in New York City. My research focuses on the history of city films from the 1920s, in particular three French city symphonies: A Propos de Nice, Montparnasse and Rien que les heures. My research attempts to employ both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to trace the history and make-up of these particular films, while also comparing them to Berlin: Symphony of a Great City and Man with a Movie Camera.

Papers: "The Quotidian Made Visible: Jean Vigo's A Propos de Nice" in Research in Urban Sociology (forthcoming, Emerald Press)

Presentations: "The Case of The French City Symphony", Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge University, May 2010

"Dérive in the films of Guy Debord", Manchester Metropolitan University, September 2009

"Cinematic Cartography: Space, Place and Presence in Film", University of Edinburgh, March 2009