Prof. François Penz

• Professor of Architecture and the Moving Image
• Director of the Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies
• Director of the Digital Studio for Research in Design, Visualisation and Communication
• Fellow of Darwin College


• Awarded a Honorary Concurrent Professorship at Nanjing University in April 2012
• Awarded in May 2009 the order of ‘Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques’ by the French Ambassador in London in recognition to the dissemination of French film culture in the UK.


• 2015: Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme Research & National Gallery [with Dr Donal Cooper] Virtual San Pier Maggiore: The digital repatriation of Florence’s Renaissance past and the future of 3D visualisation for cultural heritage
• PI on an AHRC Cultural Engagement grant – The Museum as Interface – with Kettles’ Yard Dec ’12 to May’13.
• Award of an Arts and Humanities Research Council Grant (AHRC) entitled Cinematic Geographies of Battersea: Urban Interface & Site-Specific Spatial Knowledge in collaboration with English Heritage (PI: Prof François Penz Value: £200’000)
• Award in July 2011 of an initial sum of RMB 600’000 (equiv. £60’000) by Nanjing University to launch the Cambridge-Nanjing Research Platform on Architecture and Urbanism (Directors Dr François Penz and Prof Wowo Ding).
• Isaac Newton Trust Grant for the ‘Cinematic Mapping of Cambridge’ project. One year project – Value: £20’000 (2011)
• Awarded a European Union Marie-Curie Fellowship to work on Architectural Photography (2010-2012) Fellow: Dr Iuliano, University Frederico II, Naples – Value: 174’000 Euros
• Invited Scientist (2010-2013) at the School of Architecture in Porto to work on the research project The Silent Rupture - Intersections between Architecture and Film in Portugal, 1960-1974 –funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) Value: 192,000 Euros
• Co-Investigator with Goldsmiths for the BT- AHRC Grant MIST: Museum Interfaces, Spaces, Technologies Value £15’000 (March - September 2010)
• Principal Investigator for the AHRC Network NARRASCAPE: Urban Environment as Narrative System in the UK and China Grant- Value £60’000 (2008-2010)
• Co-investigator with the History of Art Department (PI Prof Deborah Howard) of an AHRC Grant Sharing and Visualizing Old St. Peter’s: East and West in Renaissance Rome. Value £128’000 (3 year grant 2006 -2009).
• Principal Investigator for the AHRC Discursive Formations - Place, Narrative and Digitality in the Museum of the Future Pilot Grant- Value £15’000 (Feb-May 2007)
• Principal Investigator for New Media for a New Millennium, a EU Framework 6 IST Integrated Project (Cross-media content for leisure and entertainment IST-2002- Total Value: 7’000’000 Euros (September’04-August’07)



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• Iuliano, M. and Penz, F. (2012) Cambridge in Concrete: Images from the RIBA British Architectural Library Photographs Collection (Paparo Edizioni, Naples)
• Penz, F, and Lu, A. (2011). Urban Cinematics – Understanding Urban Phenomena through the Moving Image, Intellect Books
• Penz, F, Radick, G and Howell, R (2004). Space in Science, Art and Society (Cambridge University Press, 2004). Translated in Chinese.
• Thomas, M and Penz, F (2003). Architectures of Illusions - from motion pictures to navigable interactive environments (Bristol: Intellect Books, 2003).


• Keynote speaker at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival Seminar in March 2015
• Keynote speaker at the Cinematic Athens event on 9 December 2014 at the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens
• Opening keynote speaker at the Deutsches Architektur Museum in Frankfurt as part of the LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt/International on 19 March 2013
• Keynote speaker at the Audiovisual Database as Narrative Mechanism Symposium on 12 April 2013, Volos, Greece, Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly.
• Keynote at the Porto School of Architecture on 13 September 2013 at the Inter[Sections] Conference on Architecture, City and Cinema • Inaugural lecture of the Cambridge-Nanjing Research Platform, Nanjing University, April 2012
• Keynote speaker in November 2011, at the Naples Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, organised by La Fondation Le Corbusier to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Le Voyage d’Orient
• Invited speaker at the Ruptura Silenciosa (Silent Rupture) international workshop, University of Porto/Portugal, July 2011
• Keynote speaker at the Fourth Wall Symposium, the Irish Film Institute, Dublin, May 2011
• Keynote speaker at the Cinema e spazio urbano event at the Soprintendenza di Napoli, Palazzo Reale, Naples June 2011
• Keynote speaker at the Narrativity and the Perception/Conception of Landscape seminar, Ghent University in December 2010
• Keynote speaker at the City Sets – Visual Urban Identities Conference, Media Centre Lume, Aalto University School of Art and Design, in November 2010
• Invited talk at the RIBA on Cinematic Space at the Critical Spatial Practices Research Seminars at the RIBA in June 2010
• Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture - Invited speaker at the Cinema & Architecture cycle - May 2010
• Lille School of Architecture - Invited speaker at the event ‘Quelques Aspects de la Représentation en Architecture’ - May 2010
• Keynote speaker at the Shenzhen biennale, January 2010
• Invited panellist in November 2009 at a BFI debate ‘This house believes we have lost sight of the future’ part of the RIBA’s 175 Anniversary ‘Of Dreams and Cities’ architecture in film season at the BFI
• Invited speaker at the School of Architecture, Nanjing University, April 2009
• Invited speaker at the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, April 2009
• Keynote speaker at the Cinemarchitecture Conference in Liverpool (July 2009).
• Public lecture at the Museum Unbound: Works of Art and Film session of the Association of Arts Historians (AAH) at the Tate Britain in April 2008.
• Invited panellist on the City in Film: Architecture, Urban Space and the Moving Image at the International Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Liverpool, 26-28th March 2008
• Keynote speaker at the Cinemarchitecture Conference in Porto (April 2008).


• Co-organiser of the Cinematic Urban Geographies Conference in October 2013 at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge
• Co-organiser of the Still Architecture: Photography, Vision and Cultural Transmission Conference in May 2012 at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
• Co-organiser of the Moving Image and Institution: Cinema and the Museum in the 21st Century Conference (2011) at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
• Co-organiser of the Urban Cinematics Conference (December 2009)
• Co-organiser of the Power and Space: Transforming the Contemporary City Conference (December 2007)
• Co-organiser of the The Good City Conference, Churchill College, 2003
• Co-organiser of the RESPOND! event sponsored by the Arts Council (2-5 April 2003), Cambridge
• Co-organiser of the 2001 Darwin College Lecture series on Space in Science, Art and Society

• Co- curator of the Cambridge in Concrete: Images from the RIBA British Architectural Library Photographs Collection exhibition, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge (May 2012).
• Film advisor to The Surreal House exhibition at the Barbican - summer 2010
• Curator of an Architecture Film Season as part of the Cinemarchitecture international meeting, Tallinn July 2010
• Curator of a City Symphonies Film Season as part of the Shenzhen/Hong Kong biennale, December 2009 - January 2010